Unlike other vendors, you guys go beyond with the way you do things from your attention to details to your patience and especially the very personal approaches.

Manager (South East CDC) for “Putu Piring, Kepala Pening”

Vidya Vijaian

Your intend to want to work alongside students as partners in an informal creative setting has truly been fulfilled. You’ve have helped me to stepped out of multiple comfort zones and your encouragements, perhaps in ways you don’t see, have pushed me a lot.

Former President of Fuhua ELDDS (2018-19)

Teo Hui Ying

As I was leading the tour, suddenly memories started flooding in. It’s nice to know that my experiences would be useful in this workshop. It’s very personal.

Participant of “At the Heart of Bukit Batok”

Quah Yee Lei

Congrats on all the wonderful things happening with you and your new company.

Playwright of The Necessary Stage

Haresh Sharma