Bae Stole My Look

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Workshop We have you covered in all-things makeup in this practical workshop. From skincare routine to basic stage makeup to aftercare and diet - we got you, bae. The products used in this workshop are industry-grade products from Kryolan. This 2-session workshop provides an opportunities for participants to experience and explore different techniques in a stimulated intense environment. At the end of the workshop, a winner who have displayed great skill and learning attitude will be picked. This workshop sessions were conducted at: 1. Bendemeer Secondary School 2. Fuhua Secondary School

Community Arts Jam

Year: 2017 | Project Type: Workshop Join us at our Community Arts Jam where we explore ideas of community arts in Singapore! Whether you are an artist, musician, theatre practitioner or just simply interested in considering the role of the arts in the society, we welcome you to a chill evening of sharing and conversations with us. So come with an open mind as we discuss the possibilities of community arts and we hope to see you there. This community arts initiative was led by Terrence Tan and Jodi Thiele [Artsolute]. On board was Muhammad Muazzam Amanah (Zam) [Players' Avenue], Tan Chia Wei [SDEA Exco], Keola [Participative Design], and Joy [CHAT]. The venue was generously hosted by My Arts Space.

At the Heart of Bukit Batok

Year: 2017 | Project Type: Workshop Through a highly sensory theatrical tour, led by two resident-participants of Bukit Batok, we honour stories of memories. We discover the hidden gems of the community. We celebrate the best of what Bukit Batok has to offer. This workshop was part of the Verve Arts Festival.

One Day

Year: 2016 | Project Type: Workshop Singapore has more than 1 million foreign workforce and local reports on potential labour trafficking cases being dismissed as employment-related issues. Labour trafficking has been significantly underreported and trivialised when the victims face just as difficult circumstances as those who were trafficked for sexual exploitation purposes. This workshop aims to empower FDW with the knowledge and awareness of labour trafficking issues they or someone close might face, through a dialogical and experiential approach using drama.

Introduction to Speech & Drama

Year: 2015 | Project Type: Workshop To meet the increasing demand and challenges of the in-curriculum Speech & Drama programmes, we conducted an experiential workshop to bring home the point that drama is a skill that can be nurtured and everyone has it in them to take on this challenge. For many, this means a transition and skill upgrade which allows them to diversify their choices. This 2-session workshop is tailored for a group of freelancers with an interest to use drama in their classroom. Our practice-led theory allows participants to explore and realise their own abilities in transforming worded lesson plans into dynamic possibilities.

Introduction to Stage Management

Year: 2015 | Project Type: Workshop A stage manager plays a key role in every theatrical production. The field of stage management requires a general understanding of all aspects of production and offers organisational support to ensure the entire production process runs efficiently. This workshop is tailored for student stage managers and it covers the necessary skills for them to run productions in settings such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and Human Values Drama Festival (HVDF).