YES! 2018

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Showcase The Year-End Showcase! (YES! for short) gathers the different stakeholders of the drama club including the school community, their families, the alumni, to celebrate our learning journey for the year. This intimate process not only brings us closer together, but it empowers us to do better, not for the sake of just being better, but for the understanding that we are a club that cares for one another. We do better for each other! It is divided into two parts - (Part I) Revisitation & Reflection, and (Part II) Dramatised Reading. This showcases were presented at: 1. Bendemeer Secondary School (BDMS) 2. Fuhua Secondary School (FHSS)

In the Living Room

Year: 2017 | Project Type: Showcase Through the module 'Theatre Through Play-Building', the actors devised stories around the theme of the living room. This process-based method encourages actors to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with different performance conventions. This devised drama pieces were part of the end of year showcase.

Lost in the Gardens

Year: 2016 | Project Type: Showcase Mei had waited very long for this day, the day to visit Gardens by the Bay! But she soon wanders off and loses her way. Lost and afraid, she meets Wise Wee the bear. Together, they search for Mom and go on an adventure around the Gardens like no other. This storydrama experience was part of Dramabox's Mid-Term Showcase.