Industry Immersion Talk

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Seminar Is it possible to turn passion into profession? What does it take to run a business at the age of 20? What were the struggles and successes faced over the years? What is at stake? In this intimate sharing, Zam gets personal about the highs and lows of chasing his ambitions in the theatre and education scene. He also shared his advocacy work as well as future plans he has for Players' Avenue. This seminar was conducted at: 1. Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology (DADP) 2. Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS)

Humanising the Help

Year: 2017-18 | Project Type: Seminar This presentation explores the work we did with the Filipino Domestic Workers (FDW) in 2016, in the project 'One Day'. As we examined what worked and what did not, we also reflect on the new discoveries made that shaped the way we approach our work with the community thereafter. This seminar was presented at the following events: 1. 24 July 2017 - DADP AY17/18 Year 1 2. 22 Nov 2017 - BRACK's Art of Conviviality 3. 23 July 2018 - DADP AY18/19 Year 1

Skype-a-Thon [Singapore-India]

Year: 2017 | Project Type: Seminar An estimated half a million students from over 100 countries will connect during Skype-a-Thon on November 13th and 14th. Each year, this 48-hour global learning event brings classrooms together, using Skype to not only deepen students’ understanding of the world beyond their classroom walls, but to help them become global citizens. For every 400 virtual miles traveled by Skype-a-Thon participants, Microsoft will donate to WE, an organization that makes doing good doable. WE Schools, a free service-learning program, helps students domestically and WE Villages, a holistic, sustainable international development model, helps students internationally. Players' Avenue is happy to be apart of this wonderful and innovative initiative.