YES! 2018

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Showcase The Year-End Showcase! (YES! for short) gathers the different stakeholders of the drama club including the school community, their families, the alumni, to celebrate our learning journey for the year. This intimate process not only brings us closer together, but it empowers us to do better, not for the sake of just being better, but for the understanding that we are a club that cares for one another. We do better for each other! It is divided into two parts - (Part I) Revisitation & Reflection, and (Part II) Dramatised Reading. This showcases were presented at: 1. Bendemeer Secondary School (BDMS) 2. Fuhua Secondary School (FHSS)

The List

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Production The year is 2118. Sanctuary is the last remaining nation left, united under one humanity. Of a small population size of 40 people, they faced the biggest dilemma yet, the impending Day Zero - the day in which all domestic water supplies will be cut and rationed. But the fact that they have been facing a terrible drought for the past two decades led them to a decision of sacrificing the unworthy half of their people prior to Day Zero. Who will go? What is right amidst of the truth they are living in? The List is an absurdist play. This performance was part of the Human Values Drama Festival.

Tepuk Amai-Amai

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Production This play delves into issues that are relevant to students today, in their academic pursuits. Combining elements of ensemble work, singing, and multimedia, this contemporary play gives you a refreshing take on the usage of the Malay Language in performance as it brings you on an intimate journey of self-discovery, personal relationships, as well as their struggles in meeting the expectations imposed by their parents, the society, and especially themselves. They will slowly realise that dreams are beyond paper qualifications. This honest piece is a testament to the evolution of the Malay Language and the Malay student of today. This performance was part of the annual Wisuda showcase of the graduating students of the Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP), organised by the Malay Language Unit of Pioneer Junior College.

Putu Piring, Kepala Pening

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Production Tina has a home business selling putu piring. When her diabetes got the better of her, it puts her business to a halt. With the encouragement of her close friend Florence, and grandson Daniel, she engaged in more healthy activities and upgraded her skills. Putu Piring, Kepala Pening is a heart-warming play of new beginnings and triumph that is set in an all too familiar local background. This performance was part of the annual Southeast CDC District Conference.

New vs Old

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Production Culture creates a big part of our individual identities. It's rooted on traditions held strongly by elders and those who seek to preserve the best of their history. In a "Christmas Carol" Chinese New Year twist, James and Jenny were visited by the deities who travelled back in time with them to the childhood days of their grandparents. This performance was part of the Chinese New Year concert.

Kisah Burung Boi

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Production The population of pigeons are increasing in the Pak Lah’s and Mak Lah’s neighbourhood. Its flocks are affecting the business of a nearby hawker center, which have received numerous complaints regarding its cleanliness and especially after a boy allegedly suffered food poisoning after eating there. What actually causes the pigeon population to increase? How can it be prevented? Together with your neighbourhood superhero, Burung Boi, we invite our young audience to be actively involved in this interactive theatre performance! This performance was part of the MOE Mother Tongue Symposium.


Year: 2018 | Project Type: Production Fragments is an episodic play that unravels the reality of growing up and the different phases of life that shapes a person. Through dreams, friendships, and death, we see how relationships and expectations make or break a child. Delving into the theme of "Peace, Not Pieces", we explore the concept on both macro and micro levels by bringing out the values of truth, peace, and love. Will the broken pieces be mended? This performance was part of the Human Values Drama Festival.

Industry Immersion Talk

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Seminar Is it possible to turn passion into profession? What does it take to run a business at the age of 20? What were the struggles and successes faced over the years? What is at stake? In this intimate sharing, Zam gets personal about the highs and lows of chasing his ambitions in the theatre and education scene. He also shared his advocacy work as well as future plans he has for Players' Avenue. This seminar was conducted at: 1. Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology (DADP) 2. Woodgrove Secondary School (WGS)

Count On Me

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Production When En Xi's father got retrenched, she was forced to help her mother at the hawker centre. However, with the support of her closest friends - Aaron, Hui Xin, Nicole, and Rena, they came together to raise funds for her so that she can join them for the Cultural Immersion Trip to China. Leading this effort are their caring teachers Ms. Alexa and Mr. Tharun. This performance was part of the Prize Giving Day ceremony.

Bae Stole My Look

Year: 2018 | Project Type: Workshop We have you covered in all-things makeup in this practical workshop. From skincare routine to basic stage makeup to aftercare and diet - we got you, bae. The products used in this workshop are industry-grade products from Kryolan. This 2-session workshop provides an opportunities for participants to experience and explore different techniques in a stimulated intense environment. At the end of the workshop, a winner who have displayed great skill and learning attitude will be picked. This workshop sessions were conducted at: 1. Bendemeer Secondary School 2. Fuhua Secondary School

Humanising the Help

Year: 2017-18 | Project Type: Seminar This presentation explores the work we did with the Filipino Domestic Workers (FDW) in 2016, in the project 'One Day'. As we examined what worked and what did not, we also reflect on the new discoveries made that shaped the way we approach our work with the community thereafter. This seminar was presented at the following events: 1. 24 July 2017 - DADP AY17/18 Year 1 2. 22 Nov 2017 - BRACK's Art of Conviviality 3. 23 July 2018 - DADP AY18/19 Year 1