Village Scene

Year: 2015 | Project Type: Production The kampong spirit is well and alive in this community as they come together to build new infrastructures to develop and modernise. Through dedication and perseverance, they unite as one towards a better tomorrow. This performance was part of the 6th Annual Applause Concert.


Year: 2015 | Project Type: Production A church is more than just a place of congregation and worship. It's a place in which many tend to seek answers, renewing hope, and keeping faith. In this spiritual journey, we follow three strangers in their personal journey of reconciliation. This performance was part of Theatre Compass' Garden of Truths for SP Arts Fiesta.

There for You

Year: 2015 | Project Type: Production A teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. Mrs. Lim is more than just a Maths teacher. She is a wife to an uninvolved husband and a mother to two very young kids. When she was taken ill, her world came crashing down. Her students and family united. They stood by her during the toughest of times. This performance was part of the Teachers' Day celebration.

Past, Today, and Tomorrow

Year: 2015 | Project Type: Production Without the past, there is no present. Without the present, there will be no future. We are what we are today because of our forefathers that came before us. We journey back through the dark history of World War II to the day we regained our independence as a sovereign state. This performance helmed the National Day celebration.

Introduction to Speech & Drama

Year: 2015 | Project Type: Workshop To meet the increasing demand and challenges of the in-curriculum Speech & Drama programmes, we conducted an experiential workshop to bring home the point that drama is a skill that can be nurtured and everyone has it in them to take on this challenge. For many, this means a transition and skill upgrade which allows them to diversify their choices. This 2-session workshop is tailored for a group of freelancers with an interest to use drama in their classroom. Our practice-led theory allows participants to explore and realise their own abilities in transforming worded lesson plans into dynamic possibilities.

Introduction to Stage Management

Year: 2015 | Project Type: Workshop A stage manager plays a key role in every theatrical production. The field of stage management requires a general understanding of all aspects of production and offers organisational support to ensure the entire production process runs efficiently. This workshop is tailored for student stage managers and it covers the necessary skills for them to run productions in settings such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and Human Values Drama Festival (HVDF).