This play delves into issues that are relevant to students today, in their academic pursuits. Combining elements of ensemble work, singing, and multimedia,  this contemporary play  gives you a refreshing take on the usage of the Malay Language in performance as it brings you on an intimate journey of self-discovery, personal relationships, as well as their struggles in meeting the expectations imposed by their parents, the society, and especially themselves. They will slowly realise that dreams are beyond paper qualifications. This honest piece is a testament to the evolution of the Malay Language and the Malay student of today.

This performance was part of the annual Wisuda showcase of the graduating students of the Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP), organised by the Malay Language Unit of Pioneer Junior College.


  • Director: Muhammad Muazzam Amanah (Zam)
  • Playwright: Khairunadzwan Rodzy
  • Actors: Aizat, Amirah, Aqilah, Farzana, Hud,Rash, Rifqi, Syakir, Zikri, Zulaikha
  • Production Team: J1 MLEP Students
  • Teacher IC: Cikgu Siti Khadijah Mohd Anis, Cikgu Zainun Hashim, Cikgu Lorena Bte Ibrahim, Cikgu Siti Atiqah Punari
  • Supported by: Malay Language Learning & Promotion Centre






LT4, Pioneer Junior College


Pioneer Junior College