‘Get It Right’ is an adaptation of Kuo Pao Kun’s ‘The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole’. When you love someone, you want to give him or her the best you can – dead or alive. And if ever in life, you fail to do so, it will keep coming back to you. It will haunt you. It will remind you. It will repeat itself in dreams, memories, and pictures of grey and white. It can be tormenting and it is frustrating. You will hear disturbing voices questioning your every action. At the end of the day, the damage is done and you are left to drown in regrets. Through the satirical re-enactment of a Grandson at wits’ end trying to ensure that his beloved grandfather gets a proper burial, in spite of very unusual circumstances, he is forced to face his own guilt. In the pursuit to seek closure within himself, can he ever get it right?

This performance was part of the Singapore Youth Festival.


  • Director: Muhammad Muazzam Amanah (Zam)
  • Movement Director: Rebecca Siar
  • Adapted from: ‘The Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole’ by Kuo Pao Kun
  • Production Manager:Aaron
  • Technical Manager: Kaori
  • Stage Manager: Lohith
  • Assistant SM 1: Ying Xin
  • Assistant SM 2: Hiteshri
  • Crew: Emmanuel
  • Sound Operator: Kaori
  • Sound Assistant: Shi Ting
  • Light Operator: Yi Ting
  • Light Assistant: Myra
  • Head of Props & Sets: Su
  • Props & Sets Asst.: Royden
  • Head of Costume: Lydia
  • Actors: Hui Ying, Sitti, Donavan, Cayle, Elizabeth, Ada, Serena, Faiqah, Tahzin, Madhu, Maisha, Genn, Jenelle, Yu Xuan
  • ELDDS Teacher IC: Ms. Farah Rosalan
  • ELDDS Teachers: Mr. Kwa Chia Run & Miss. Valerie Co

Actors were drama club members from Fuhua Secondary School.






Studio Theatre, SOTA


Fuhua Secondary School